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"Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, you're cool, and fuck you, I'm out!" [Apr. 6th, 2006|12:45 am]
[Current Location |the hood]
[mood |pessimisticpessimistic]
[music |Atreyu- Our Sick Story (Thus Far)]

I love that quote, it's almost as funny as Denice doing "ding, ding, ding...I quit!" from Chapelle Show, people from work are awesome.

School is ok.
Soc201 principles of sociology- easiest class ever. We did a what's a hug/hit & watch people hug exercise. No midterm/final, just weekly group work. Basically eat your breakfast/listen to your ipod/play gameboy/text message your friends class.
Soc383 violence in american society- what is violence? I have to pick a paper topic soon. We saw a clip of Nightline about Grand Theft Auto 3, how come no boys ever ask me to play video games with them? Interesting class.
Pols371 foundations of american politics- 2nd class I take with Bonetto, I loooove the stuff that comes from his mind. It's not mind-altering but it's very insightful. He has a dog named Hobbes (the great political philosopher!) who said the state of nature is "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short." I WANT a cat, I'll name it Thoreau!
Pols330 politics of aging- let's talk about old people! Interesting facts, indeed. Both paper & final are 45% each, eh.

They are having a film viewing event from www.invisiblechildren.com at school, I shall go.
My mom is leaving to El Salvador on Monday! YAY! Gracias Dios! 2 weeks of utter, sheer bliss.

I saw Yessy today & talked to Emily on the phone b/c I don't like aim anymore, ha. I suck as a friend, don't I? It's weird how you can be so close with someone & then seem like strangers/different people. Pro's & con's of different situations revolve around my brain aimlessly.

Thursday, May 10, 2001Collapse )
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try to figure me out [Apr. 1st, 2006|02:03 am]
[Current Location |My comfy bed]
[mood |awakeawake]
[music |Atreyu- Her Portrait in Black]

Life isn't bad, I have my health & my sanity. Through the recollection of my (now) poor memory, stuff that happened in March:

Your life, is it a lie? When you get what you're looking for will your cravings subside? Or will you crawl into a casket, an early tomb, lay down and give up inside. She'd rather die.Collapse )

EPB: jenny
EPB: damn
EPB: fuck me up the ass without lube!
EPB: holy shit
JGV: what happened
EPB: i'm so frustrated
JGV: that was the best remark I have heard in the longest time
JGV: I shall quote you
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if you are willing to accept the punishment, you can't be stopped [Feb. 5th, 2006|03:11 am]
[mood |awakeawake]
[music |Pearl Jam- Wishlist]

I've been VERY busy with this annotated bibliography shit (it's due Tuesday). Right now I have 76/100 sources. It's FUCKING horrible. It bores the hell out of me. I have a midterm on Monday. Before March 16th I have to write 32 pages/5 papers :( School takes up a lot of my time. There's too much stuff I have to do & want to do in life, yet time + my laziness is such a constraint.

Em came to LA. I saw her on Friday 1/27. It was SO nice to see her, I missed her. She picked me up & we went to the Santa Monica Pier. I had never really sat there & seen the sunset, it was nice. Em got into the water & everything. FUNNY PART: this freshly-crossed-the-border-individual asked me if I had a dollar in English so I said "que?" cuz I knew he talked Spanish. Then he had the tenacity to sit down & start talking to us. Asking us all types of weird questions, like if we had bf's or liked girls, & what type of music we listened to. It was FUNNY. I was so rude to him b/c he was annoying me & the way he was gawking at Em made me mad. Girls are not a piece of meat. I told him to go away. So he shook Em's hand & then they passionately made out! The end. lol Well he kissed her cheek (allegedly) & her face of surprise was PRICELESS she couldn't do anything b/c she was lying down. So he said sorry & resumed to try to kiss her again! lol Then he wanted to shake my hand & I yelled at him to not touch me & to go away. Then Em's cousin came back, he should have been protecting us!

Then we went to East Los. Then Em, her cousin, funny brother, & I ate at La Barca.

if you're em, mig, or leylan you should click thisCollapse )
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The world according to me. [Jan. 3rd, 2006|09:26 pm]
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |Deftones- Teenager]

I told Em, I would update:

Winter quarter started today! Got there in time to pick up the syllabus in yoga. Then I waited 1.5 hrs to purchase my parking permit, seemed like a concert line. POLS 374, then POLS 372 where some pol sci kids were talking bad things about my POLS 374 prof. Siler, how he's mad crazy with his 100 annotated bibliography & 100 citations 20 pg research paper. I don't even think I've ever done a footnote, man. I shall be engulfed in politics. I still need next Monday's POLS 205.

Life has been overwhelmingly great. My mom is in El Salvador & my dad works now. Yesterday was a super fun filled day. Luis, Elva, & I ate at CPK at south bay. Then I shopped. Although Elva ruined my week, b/c she got mad at me & said stuff that made me get mad too. Whatever if she wants to be my friend great & if not then I hope she has a great life. It's sad when you let go of friendships, at least to me it is. I feel things too strongly, & although I don't show it, the thoughts are consuming. Like she say's "yo no tengo que soportar a nadie, y nadie tiene porque soportar me a mi." I can't cope with people who are always picking fights, that's why I dislike my mother. She has called 2 times & not once have I told her I missed her. We are just a spec in time & people can't seem to just let little things go. I try to understand you, you should try to understand me, isn't that friendship? Luis was just like "people come & people go," what about real friendships that last a long time. Are friendships just made so that you can hang out with people while not having a real bond?

After we left her, Luis & I went to a shooting range! I was so excited. I love guns (just the symbol of it all). I paid no attention on how to use the 9mm. We couldn't load the bullets so I asked some guy there & I was the only one who loaded the bullets. But Luis would put the thing in the gun. It was fun! I put my hand in the wrong place & when the thing popped out, it scratched me. I got a scraped in my hand from a gun! Then we went to see Brokeback Mountain, yes the gay flick b/c Jake Gyllenhaal is too hot. Longest movie ever, not that great.

& my brother just gave me the deftones poster I've been wanting, so I am very happy.
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cause tonight I feel like more [Nov. 28th, 2005|11:26 pm]
[mood |bouncybouncy]
[music |System of a Down- ATWA]

My life consists of school, work, being out, & sleeping. I've been very busy & I like that. Today is my daddy's b-day! Yesterday was my sister's b-day. I was too lazy to get up & buy her a cake (I don't like to wake up before noon) + I had to work :( But I bought her a really nice jewelry box. For thanksgiving she came over. My nephew is so cute, maybe b/c he's the only boy with 3 sister's. He sat on my lap & I didn't know what to do with myself b/c I am not used to such affection from him. Things are really good right now, nothing is bad.

-My family is awesome...my mom is leaving for El Salvador Dec 17- Jan 2..not sure where I'll be for x-mas
-School ends Dec. 8th...it feels like it's over now...just finals to go. Next quarter I am taking:
T/Th 9:50-10:40 Yoga, well I need a 1 unit class, so what's easier than this?
T/Th 11:40-1:20 POLS 374-- Foundations of Global Politics
T/Th 1:30-3:10 POLS 372--Foundations of Political Theory
M 6:10-10pm POLS 205--Intro to Political Science
I am done with GE's, until summer. I am just taking things as they come.
-I don't work until Sunday....work is fun sometimes...I baked cookies with Michelle & Denice & Myeshesia a while back..it was fun.
-Atreyu, Thrice, & Deftones are playing Taste of Chaos...I want to go bad
...those are all of the things going on in my head right now

I took this from Byron b/c I was bored & it seemed interesting enough to doCollapse )
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queen mary, knott's, six flags [Oct. 18th, 2005|12:03 am]
[mood |nervousnervous]
[music |Team Sleep- Natalie Portman]

I've been very busy with school, work, & stuff. I have my 1st midterm today, in POLS155. I should study.
But I did all the halloween stuff I wanted to do:

halloweenCollapse )
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look how pretty she is when she falls down [Oct. 13th, 2005|12:58 am]
[mood |awakeawake]
[music |The Bled- I Never Met Another Gemini]

I got the BEST voice message in the history of voice messages I've ever gotten in my life.

Wale called, & her voice message was her singing Atreyu's "Bleeding Mascara."
If I could somehow make that into a ringtone....hmmm I believe I can, if I record it to the fax thing then replay it & record it, yeah this could work out :)

Hands down, best message ever. She made my night.

I love Wale.
I love going to Sonic's with Wale even more.
Or maybe I just love Sonic's too.
Damn her & all of those commercial's on cable tv, I want some now. If only Anaheim wasn't such a kinda long drive.
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I only want sympathy in the form of you crawling into bed with me [Oct. 6th, 2005|01:53 am]
[mood |bouncybouncy]
[music |purevolume.com]

LJ entry b/c I just ate ice cream & don't want to do school stuff.

School is going great. Ratemyprofessors.com is awesome b/c I got good/easy classes. I only have 3 papers this quarter. My classes keep getting cancelled too. Work is not fun anymore, I asked for days off & they didn't want to give them to me without me giving them explanations, so I said change my availability! I am not going to lie. Blah to them, I hate when people think they are so high & mighty & forget they are humans just like the rest of us. I am a grown ass woman (at least I would like to believe so, ok not really but whatever) what I start or stop doing is my business. Giving explanations suck.

Yesterday, I hung out with Mig & Elsa whom I hadn't seen in the longest time. Em was greatly missed b/c she decides where we go & talks more. Anyways bowling in Gardena had a long wait so we just went to Starbucks then to usc, everytime I go there Mig makes me walk a lot, I just like sitting on benches near pretty fountains. We mostly asked Elsa Marine related type questions but I HAD to quote Mig; "What does the Marine Corps have to say about masturbation?" & "So nothing that's anal?" lol in the most serious voice. Mig & his sexual related questions are awesome. Em missed out, he kept asking them in a row & weirded out Elsa. Elsa didn't give him a hug good-bye & ignored him, lol that was funny too. I admire Elsa, I really do.
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emiweeeee [Sep. 28th, 2005|12:05 am]
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |311- Don't Tread On Me]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Emiweeee! I hope you have an awesome day, you deserve it. I love you so much, it sucks that you're so far away :( You & your friendship mean the world to me. I don't have what I have with you with anyone else, & I like that. I admire you so much, you have a lovely heart. Your honesty, cocky-ness, & personality...who could ever replace you? Nobody. Thank you for corrupting me, for listening to me, & for sometimes knowing me better than I know myself. You don't know how sad I get when I pass by Halldale & realize that your family doesn't live there anymore.

Elsa called asking about Em's b-day so we 3-wayed her & talked until midnight east coast time, 'til some gentlemen took Em away to dance for her. It was great, they're great girls. Although it sucks that Elsa has been having health problems, esp. since she's in the Marines with all of that physical activity but her unit is undeployable, yay. Her b-day is on the 4th, weeeee b-days!

look! I figured how to do an html heart just for you Em

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fall quarter [Sep. 22nd, 2005|08:30 pm]
[mood |blankblank]
[music |Bayside-Devotion & Desire]

I was just so happy to be out of my shell again, don't think I really cared for who or what. So for now I'll just keep it shut.Collapse )
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