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If you read, you'll judge

lost happiness intensifies present pain

30 October 1985
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My parents had sex, I was born. My years as a child have passed, now I am living my adolescence, then my adulthood, and finally I will die. That's my life.

I am a girl.
I am 22 years old.
I have lots of free time..not that much anymore...but I do procrastinate a lot.

I started this to document the last of my teenage years/the beginning part of my life as an adult, forever and ever, and probably show to my grandchildren :)

el dia que yo me muera
no voy a llevarme nada
hay que darle gusto al gusto
la vida pronto se acaba
lo que paso en este mundo
nomas el recuerdo queda
ya muerto voy a llevarme

nomas un puno de tierra

"No matter: Man always hopes; Life always hopes. When a definite object cannot be outlined, the indomitable spirit of hope still impels the living mass toward something--something that, shall somehow be better."

-Voltarine deCleyre
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